There is an intricacy, and yet a simplicity to unhindered breath. So simple that babies do it naturally, though for adults it must be relearned by attending to subtle shifts required in body and mind so as to once again unconstrain breath. Breath placement is a yet deeper art, approachable once breath has become unhindered. Sucking breath in is not the same as making room and gently drawing in, exactly to where its ebb and flow is desired, beyond the obvious yet misleading fact of its confinement in the lungs. In doing this, the effective flow of breath conjoins with the body-wide flow of Prana. Prana, the subtle and not-yet-become ordinary reality/solidity of things. Pra-na: before-breath; that which is prior to breath--subtle, but sensible and knowable--and amenable to conscious control. Once the mental chatter has been quelled, what was always hidden underneath becomes visible.

PRA-NA-YAMA: Before-Breath-Observance
In attending to the flow of Prana its dynamical movements may be directly known. Just like ordinary breath, it can be wild or calm, diffuse or sharply focused. In learning to order its flow there is the attendant and resonant effect on deeper mental content, a further quelling of the torrent become a stream, become a trickle.

SAMA-DHI: Same-Seeing
Now, drop by drop comes the trickle. WHAT IS, is between the drops, unmodified, primary, supporting and containing all. To the eyes it looks like empty space, or maybe the light that illumines all. To the ears it sounds like silence, or maybe the sound that contains all vowels and consonants--the backdrop hum of the worlds. But what is it to itself--THAT which is sensorily and conceptually distant, but existentially intimate. Then, Samadhi -- what looks and what's seen become ONE. THAT knows itself as only THAT can... but here, the Yogin is THAT too.

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