IMAGE: DEEPYOGA CAMPING TRIP TO LAKE HURON, 2007
TCF: Practitioner of Taoist Medicine & Acupuncture, Toronto
Dr. Pankaj Seth's workshop, Deep Yoga I, is a tour de force of east-west integration. Dr. Seth has not only mastered the material to which he refers, but he has then spent time preparing his pedagogical approach to those materials; the result is a teaching that facilitates the comprehension of participants. His presentation skills are noteworthy.

These talks in science and yoga (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Yoga Vasistha, Hatha Yoga Pradapika, The discourses of the Buddha, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Princeton University Engineering Anomalies Research, to give a few references) are accompanied by a supporting slideshow that illustrates in a detailed and comprehensive manner the ideas and facts involved. These ideas and facts are seen as relevant to one another and may be integrated. It is not that I have never seen this attempted before, it is that I have not seen or read of it being done on a scale of such breadth and depth--supported, as well, by a slideshow that is not only effective but aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, this careful preparation is also displayed in a beautifully rendered set of body & breath oriented printed materials, provided by Dr. Pankaj Seth and Ms. Sophie Hawkins, to support biodynamic breathwork and bodywork, a grounding for pranayam.

These breathwork and bodywork sessions are taught as the complement to the intellectual, scientific and philosophic material. They are interpolated with the more intellectual sessions, so, that intense as it is, it never becomes tedious, but rather, one type of session strengthens its complement. As one is introduced to striking ideas and facts, one is guided to more subtle levels of observation and experience.

That brings me to state the obvious: one’s inner experience is unique and sometimes essentially indescribable; so, I will not try to describe mine. I will take a few words to say Thank You to Sophie and Pankaj for their work in setting up and guiding what I will continue to think of as 'innerspace' sessions. These sessions of bodywork, breathwork, and pranayam were well- thought out and guided. They provided an abundance of clinical observation, and provided the time, space and support for clinical experience as well as deeper interior stuff. As a bodywork practitioner, I do state that, I have found the knowledge and experience gained through the Deep Yoga 1 workshop to be clinically relevant and professionally useful--and profoundly important to me. I think that the Deep Yoga 1 workshop will be valuable to both the professional body-worker and to the individual searcher.

WJL: Psychologist, London
There was a sense of coming home and of a tying together of things I've felt and "known" in a way that made logical and empirical sense. The breathing instructions were very helpful, particularly with respect to understanding "prana" as the "before" breath, rather than breath.

The group format provided the very valuable opportunity to learn from the experiences of the other participants as well.  I think the fact that everything took place over one weekend allowed for an almost uninterrupted focus, which, I think was a great way to structure this sort of presentation and workshop.

SS: Reiki Practitioner, Toronto
Thank you for the Deep Yoga I class, it was an amazing experience for me.  In the three days we covered a great amount of ideas and concepts that in the end crystallized some of my own beliefs and some thoughts that were only seeds in my mind. I loved being shown the wisdom from all different perspectives, most that I had never considered or had heard of at all.

I especially loved the breathwork, pranayama and meditation aspects of the class and experienced some breakthroughs during the class that I have been not able to achieve in my meditation practice on my own.  The whole breath was taught and guided in such a clear and simple way that it made perfect sense to my body.  In fact by the end of the third day, my body felt quite different from how it did before the class whereas there was no stiffness or muscle ache in my shoulders and lower back and my digestion had greatly improved. Thank you again!

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