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In his commentary on Yoga Sutra III.51, Vyasa (7th Century, CE) describes Yogis at four different levels of attainment:

1. Those who have just begun the experience of the light; these are called beginners (prathama-kalpika).
2. Those whose intuitive wisdom (rtambhara prajna) has begun to blossom; they are being tempted by the powerful beings of the subtle worlds to enjoy the powers recently gained; these are at the honeyed ground (madhu-bhumi).

3. Those who have conquered the senses and their attractions and have mastered the elements; they have become firmly protective toward all that needs to be cultivated and firm in all the duties they need to perform; they are prajna-jyotis, for wisdom is their light.
4. Those who have transcended all processes and no longer have anything remaining yet to be cultivated (atikranta-bhavaniya).

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