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Now one could ask, "Is there one 'correct' way to behold self and world?". My answer is No. Rather, all one can do is be aware of the strengths and limitations of the view being utilized. There are those who believe that self and world should rightly only be seen in one particular way, and these people I call dogmatists. In our era and culture, the scientific method has become virtually the only arbiter of the "truth" about self and world. But there are some things that are outside the scope of the scientific method, outside the scope of reason. Science can tell us many things, but it can say nothing definitive about the "big picture"... this task is outside its grasp. Science and reason can only take us so far. Beyond that, its a task for Art; that is, the "big picture" must be envisioned, rather than be discovered by reason. And envisioning is not the same as inventing a lie. In fact, I think that ultimately all we have are numerous partial views onto the whole, and in that sense all we really have are views which have been envisioned... Art.  •  Pankaj Seth