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In the Primal Age, men and women were endowed vitality equal to that of the progeny of Goddess Aditi (Unbounded), exceedingly blameless and unhampered in their powers, had direct knowledge of the gods, the godlike sages, the divine law, sacrifice and ritual, possessed bodies that were compact and firm, had clear senses and complexions, speed, strength and prowess like those of the wind. They were devoted to truth, rectitude, compassion, charity, self-restraint, moral discipline, spiritual endeavour, fasting, continence and religious vows. They were free from fear, desire, aversion, infatuation, greed, anger, despondency, pride, disease, sleep, indolence, fatigue, languor, sloth and the spirit of acquisition; and lastly, they were imbued with unlimited longevity. For the benefit of these people of heroic minds, qualities and deeds, the crops were replete with wonderful taste, potency and virtue, for the earth during the dawn of the golden age was charged to the full with all excellent qualities.
                                                                                                                  Excerpt from The Charaka Samhita - India, 500 BCE