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It is very evidently not the reason of an organ to play of itself, but to be played upon, just as it is not for the clay to determine the form of the vessel, but to receive it. “Now there is this divine harp: the human harp is in its likeness…and just as the harp struck by a skilled player fulfills the whole reason of the harp, so the Voice moved by a skilled speaker fulfills its whole reason.” “Skill in any performance is a yoking, as of steeds together,” or, in other words, implies a marriage of the master and the means. The product of the marriage of the player, Intellect, with the instrument, the Voice, is Truth (satyam) or Science (vidyā), not that approximate, hypothetical, and statistical truth that we refer to as science, but philosophy in Plato’s sense, and that “meaning of the Vedas” by which, if we understand it, “all good” (sakalam bhadram) is attainable, here and hereafter.  •  Ananda K. Coomarswamy